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Apartment plans

With a modern design and a wealth of space,
the residences are more than just a place to live.


Net Area: 38.82 m²
Gross Area: 43.88 m²
  • Living room & Dining room 20.56m²
  • Kitchen 6.27m²
  • Bathroom 4.07m²
  • Terrace 3.90m²
  • Green Terrace 4.02m²
  • TOTAL AREA: 43.88m²
Apartment list

1 Bedroom

Net Area: 50.27m²
Gross Area: 53.30m²
  • Anteroom 3.30m²
  • Living room & Dining room 16.47m²
  • Kitchen 4.48m²
  • Bedroom 12.93m²
  • Bathroom 4.28m²
  • Terrace 3.53m²
  • Green Terrace 5.28m²
  • TOTAL AREA: 50.27m²
Apartment list

2 Bedroom

Net Area: 195.93m²
Gross Area: 204.34m²
  • Anteroom 6.18m²
  • Living Room & Dining Room 22.49m²
  • Kitchen 4.20m²
  • Bedroom 15.30m²
  • Bedroom 9.78m²
  • Bathroom 5.27m²
  • Terrace 5.66m²
  • Green Terrace 126.93m²
  • TOTAL AREA: 204.34m²
Apartment list

3 Bedroom

Net Area: 210.49 m²
Gross Area: 219.59 m²
  • Anteroom 3.22m²
  • Living room & Dining room 16.44m²
  • Kitchen 5.25m²
  • Bedroom 16.44m²
  • Bedroom 12.94m²
  • Bedroom 10.96m²
  • Hallway 6.41m²
  • Bathroom 3.57m²
  • Terrace 20.71m²
  • Green Terrace 109.13m²
  • TOTAL AREA: 210.49m²
Apartment list

Rental Management program

Porto Milena offers the opportunity to optimize your investment by joining the Rental Management Program. The properties can be rented out as part of the hotel when not being used by the owner. The key benefits of participating in the Rental Management Program:
  • Effective marketing & sales program

  • Efficient housekeeping, maintenance and security services to maintain and protect your property

  • Proffessional central reservation service

  • Expert revenue management services to optimize rental rates an occupancy throughout the year

Sophisticated and Spacious

The complex consists of different types of apartments and shops to suit you